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Miss USA Winner Supports Self-Defense. Liberals React

With Nia Sanchez, who represented Miss Nevada, winning the Miss USA pageant, the liberals and radical feminists have become unhinged. It wasn’t because of her name, where she’s from, age, or any of that. It was because she’s a 4th-degree black belt in taekwondo and advocated for the use of self-defense in certain situations.

Twitchy compiled a short list of some of these outraged liberals. These women contradict themselves, when they’re all for empowering women, yet think women aren’t powerful enough to think they should be able to defend themselves.

One of the most absurd tweets from that list seemed to overwhelmingly come from Elisa Benson, who is a senior community manager for the women magazine Cosmopolitan. She tweeted ‘I get that the college sexual assault problem can’t be solved in 30 secs but still icky to pretend like self-defense is the answer #MissUSA.’ The first thing that popped into my mind is how in the world can liberals consider self-defense ‘icky’ but not the killing of over 3000 babies from abortion every day in this country.

What is also troubling is liberals think something as natural as self-defense is so unnatural. Nobody plans to be in a troubling situation that may endanger us, but they can still happen unexpectedly. If anything is pro-women, it is giving them the right to learn self-defense, which is truly empowering.

Some liberals will go on to claim conservatives are politicizing this whole pageant. However, it was their outrage to a supporter of self-defense winning that created it. So much for tolerance and acceptance from liberals. They’re all for these open-ended questions given to the candidates unless it is an answer they don’t like and start their temper tantrum. However, despite their upset and frustration, most people including myself congratulate Nia and thought her support for women defending themselves was excellent and refreshing to hear.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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