Missouri State Senator Threatens White Voters on Social Media

What do you think the ramifications would be if a white politician threatened minority voters on social media?  Start with a firestorm of coverage on all the liberal media news organizations and more than likely 24 hour coverage on MSNBC or CNN. Next would probably be a public outcry and demand for the resignation of that same white politician. Seems like a reasonable scenario right? The tweet gaining attention below:

So, how does Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal escape media coverage or calls for her resignation? Senator Nadal also believes that affirmative action has benefited white females more than any other group as per her support of a Twitter post made by former CNN host Roland Martin.

Nadal, who represents Ferguson, Missouri has been extremely vocal of her disdain for white people including her own involvement in recalling her state’s own Governor, Jay Nixon. Nadal appeared on MSNBC frequently and was credited with the suggestion that Missouri is now experiencing a race war with this comment:

We didn’t have a race war like other cities throughout the country. This is our race war. And people have to be open, and they have to be honest. And they have to be earnest. And they have not been earnest for decades. I know people in my own party, in my own government structure who disregard things that we say, and how we feel. And we are not going to allow it anymore.

It would appear that the left (including Nadal) is more interested in continuing the division of race relations, rather than finding common ground to bring unity for all people because they need to win in the upcoming 2016 elections. Dividing Americans is what the radical left-wing of the democrat party has done for decades and will continue to do in the efforts of turning our country into a socialist state. With the election and re-election of Barack Obama (a socialist supporter) and the hopeful nomination of Hillary Clinton to represent the Democrat party, progressives like Senator Nadal will stop at nothing to keep the division on track.

If you visit her Twitter account you will find that Senator Nadal picked Che Guevara as her background. Obviously, the fact that Guevera murdered thousands of innocent Cubans means nothing to Nadal and most liberals who are more prone to re-write history than actually read it. Matter of fact, I don’t think Nadal would feel so supporting of Guevara if she read some of his feelings on people of color:

“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”


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