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BEHNA: PATHETIC! #Cecil Lovers Threaten Wrong Dentist In The Wrong State!

Some irate phone callers were still harassing Dr. Palmer’s office with hate-filled calls in response to the killing of Cecil the Lion. Well the only problem is that it was the wrong dentist … in the wrong state.

Dr. Matthew Palmer of Janesville, Wisconsin described what some of his phone calls were like.

Every 15 minutes somebody would call, sometimes they’d hang up, sometimes they’d leave a message, sometimes I’d answer and they’d just yell at me, swear, curse, and then hang up.

He even said some callers threatened to go to his office.

While these angry group of folks confused two different doctors, the locals of Janesville knew who he was.

Locally, I think everybody knows. I mean this is Janesville, it’s not Minnesota. I’m Dr. Mathew Palmer, not Dr. Walter Palmer.

The bad news is that he had to get a new cell phone number. The good news is that this ordeal has not hurt his business.

So it just boggles my mind that these callers called a dentist with a different first name in a different state, thinking it was Cecil’s killer.

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