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Mom beats, berates, and threatens children because father won’t give her cell phone – VIDEO

The video (below), originally uploaded to LiveLeak earlier this week, showed the violent woman, identified only as Michelle, screaming and yelling at two young boys who appear to be children of her husband’s with an ex-wife.

The husband, identified as Matthew, reason for not intervening was reportedly because he needed the video as evidence of what she was doing to his children, as abuse had been reported previously and police didn’t take him seriously.

“If I lose another kid because of you I will kill you and I will kill James and I will kill Jacob,” the woman says in the beginning of the nine-minute video. “I’ll kill all three of you. I’m going to start with James because I hate him the most.”

Michelle demands that the father hand over her phone, which he continually refuses to do.

“Get my phone or I’m gonna keep hitting him,” she threatens.


Another woman quickly intervenes, trying to prevent the woman from abusing the boys.

“He’s not giving it to you,” the woman says of the phone.

“Do you like watching your son be abused, because I’m going to keep doing it,” Michelle yells. Throughout the disturbing video, Michelle continues to abuse and threaten the boys, telling one named James that she wishes he were dead. After several minutes of continued beatings, the father was able to get his kids to go to the car so they could leave the dangerous situation. At the end of the clip, Michelle is seen blocking the passenger’s side door of the father’s van, trying to prevent them from leaving.

According to reports, the father — named Matthew — had Michelle arrested thanks to the video. The incident allegedly took place in 2014.

What do you think about this? I’ve never seen anything like this before nor do I want to see it again.

H/T – YouTube

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