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Mom CHARGED with making children walk to school; Was this bad parenting?

When I was growing up in the small town of Cambridge, MD, my sister and I walked to our elementary school, we walked to our middle school, and sometimes I walked to my high school. It was nothing for my friends and me to leave home early and get to school on time. You’ve probably even heard your grandparents talk about walking to school in the snow and cold to a school house that only had one window.

This case is way different.

This mom might have taken a teachable lesson too far when she made her daughters walk to school for missing the bus and get this; she was driving ahead of them monitoring them. She was playing the stop and go game as they got closer to the car.


From Fox News:

The Chattanooga Times Free-Press reports 32-year-old Lisa Marie Palmer was charged after authorities found the car, the girls and a dog almost halfway to school on Valley View Highway in Marion County. “Temperatures were cold,” sheriff’s deputy Chris Ladd said without elaborating.

Palmer told deputies she was punishing her daughters for missing the bus, according to Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnett. Investigators did not release the girl’s ages.

Ladd says it appeared Palmer was driving ahead of her children and allowing them to catch up to her car until the kids reached the school. The girls had already walked about than a mile and a half and had nearly two miles to go, Ladd estimated.

Palmer’s also accused of driving without a license. Investigators say her husband, Brandon, and his father, Douglas, eventually arrived at the scene, with Douglas calling Ladd “the cop that beat me up last time.”

A harsh little mom, but not illegal. The problem with our liberal system is that if parents discipline their kids the law steps in, but if the kids become trouble making teens, somehow the parents are still blamed.

At any rate, the government needs to step in when there is actual abuse, but too often they to involved.

What are your thoughts? Was the mother in the wrong? Share your opinions (below) and add this story to your social media page for discussion.

h/t – Chattanooga Times Free-Press, Fox News

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