More Blue Bashing – Police Under Fire In Houston Tx

Police are on alert in Houston Texas following an act of sabotage in which the brake lines were cut on an officer’s patrol car. This follows two separate incidents where officers were fired on. None of the officers targeted were injured.

An officer was fired on by a passing vehicle during a routine traffic stop just before the end of the year, and a second officer was fired at two days later. Tensions have been running high in the city due to protests surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Although the officer in the second shooting incident gave chase, he was unable to apprehend the shooter.

Police union officials expressed alarm over the acts of violence and urged policy changes to help protect their officers. The Houston Police Department responded by assigning two-man teams to each patrol car or the first time in their history.

Acts of violence against police have put law enforcement professionals on heightened alert all across the country, and are making an already thankless and dangerous job even worse. Those who use isolated incidents of wrongdoing by police officers to paint an entire profession as corrupt are guilty of the same prejudice as those who practice racism. It is no more acceptable to hate blue than it is to hate black. Yes some police officers use excessive force, and some black men sell drugs on street corners. Yes, sometimes people in the system protect police officers who do wrong, and sometimes people in the community protect those drug dealers. It is no more right for people to commit acts of violence against the police for the sins of a few than it is for people to commit acts of violence against black people for the actions of the few in their community who violate the law.

Problems exist, and they will only be resolved when rational conversation is possible.


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