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Mother decides to breast-feed 3 year old son and posts picture on facebook

Jade Beall is well aware that most people would consider her 3-and-a-half-year-old son, Sequoia, too old to be breastfed.

So earlier this month, she posted a self-portrait on Facebook that showed her proudly holding Sequoia to her breast as the preschooler happily suckled. The photo celebrates her son, but it also aims to spark dialogue about motherhood, nursing, and cultural norms.

And spark dialogue it did. Since hitting Facebook on July 16, the photo has racked up 9.7K likes and 1.7 shares. Most of the comments about the photo have been supportive.


Other commenters have been negative, even nasty. “If this offends you, ask me a question and not call me names,” Beall wrote in a caption aimed at her detractors. “Let’s learn from one another.”

If I could have a few moments of Jade’s time, I would say that it is not the breast-feeding and what the child gets out of it, it sounds more like a security issue or maybe a defence mechanism .

Are you afraid your child will not spend as much time with you, do you miss the hugs and the special moments that only you and he can share? Do you have a partner? Are you afraid of bringing someone else in and the child would have to share is his love with others?

I do not see the benefits of a child of this age getting anything from breast-feeding. Can you give me some realistic reason on why they are fed like this at this age.

I truly feel you should feel awkward and abnormal about both breastfeeding a kid at that age, and especially for posting picture like that. There is no need for breast-feeding at that age, there is a chance they will remember it, and you are posting a picture on-line of the kid with your full name …ensuring a permanent record they will have to deal with as they get older.

What do you think? Should a mom breastfeed their child at 3-years old? When does it stop? Share your views in our comment section below and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline for discussion

H/T – Jade’s Facebook


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