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Mother refuses to leave Ohio pool, youth attack police claim law officers manhandled them

I’m black.. and in my household growing up my parents taught my brothers and I to listen, respect, and obey authority. If someone in a “authority position tells you to do something like leave the pool, then leave, surly there must be another pool in that part of Ohio. I have said time and time again, this is going to explode over the nation because disrespect toward authority is being allowed to stand.

Not all Black people act like this, and Not all White people are racist.

The media really surely is having a ball with this cops vs black BS. The cops said leave this area or whatever, then just go. Just a side note Al Sharpton and his crew need to stop adding fuel to the fire. Where was he when the homeless shelter in Atlanta was closing, in his house eating good.

This video has graphic language!

Megyn Kelly inteviewed the mother during the Fox News Kelly File last night but didn’t answer questions, her attorney did.

There’s no need for the kids or the parents to be yelling and carrying on the way they did.  The officers’ jobs are hard enough already.  Just remain calm.

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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