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MSNBC Brzezinski carefully rips Fields/Lewandowski incident: It was a joke from the beginning

MSNBC Mika Brzezinski took on the Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowski story this morning on Morning Joe, and she was biting her lip the entire segment trying not to damage Fields too much with her commentary.

Some of her co-panelists continued to blame Lewandowski for saying he didn’t know Fields and lying about throwing her to the ground even though that never happened. During the segment, Brzenzski said the following:

“For the first time, we’ve heard nothing from the reporter who’s made these accusations, nothing at all. She tweeted a lot about it. She was very upset when it happened, you could hear the audiotape. She was saying, ‘Oh, my god, oh, my god.”

I agree with Mika 100 percent.

I didn’t touch this story myself in the initial stage because but when the case was “dismissed” it shows you that people want to change the rules when it benefits them. Let me clarify, when the black man was killed by NY policemen when he didn’t comply, liberals wanted to talk about how the police wrestled him to the ground. Conservatives kept bringing up what initially happened to get to that point, but liberals didn’t want to hear it.

In this case, the Florida prosecutors talked about what happened initially before the incident and conservatives don’t want to talk about. Watch a couple of this panelist break down what they believe happened and you’ll see my point.

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