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MSNBC Chris Matthews: Mike Pence Won The VP Presidential Debate

I can’t believe Chris Matthews said the obvious!

Honestly, Governor Mike Pence won not only by being a gentleman but giving Sen. Tim Kaine a chance to talk was one of the high points of the debate. Pence had all the presence of a man who could be president in case of replacing the president, Kaine not so much.

Apparently, Kaine has learned a couple of phrases and felt that he needs to say them repeatedly. Trump’s taxes (by the way Hillary lost over six billion in State Department, our money), stating Donald Trump doesn’t like the military, sayiHillary Hillary re-set the Russians, etc. he has nothing! He’s an arrogant politician.

Kaine also continued to throw out random points without allowing the moderator or Pence to have a say. That tactic in a debate is normal if you have a weak position. What does Trump’s taxes have to do with Russia?

I loved the question about faith. While Kaine danced around the death penalty, Pence fearlessly went right to the abortion issue. The truth is you can’t separate your faith from your politics and Pence made that clear.

What shocked me is when Chris Matthews of MSNBC gave his analysis and said Pence won the debate. That was a big-time shocker!

Pence clearly won the debate. Kaine was just there to interrupt. Kaine was the epitome of a Democrat. Loud, oblivious, uninformed, rhetorical, obnoxious, Creepy Clown!

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