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MSNBC O’Donnell eat’s crow; walks back salary claim against Donald Trump “I really like him”

Donald Trump called into Morning Joe on Friday ready to go after Lawrence O’Donnell who had publicly tried to embarrass Trump’s claim on how much he made on his hit TV Show The Apprentice. When shown the primetime host’s latest remarks, however, Trump said: “Well, I’m very disappointed because I was really all set to go after him this morning. And now I feel guilty if I do that. I feel very, very guilty. A lot of interesting things.”

In the clip, O’Donnell praised Trump’s character and noted past incidents, including when O’Donnell was recovering from a serious car crash, during which Trump reached out to him with encouraging words. O’Donnell also apologized for what he called a distraction from more important issues.

Here is the transcript:

Now for a few words about Donald Trump. I like him. […] When I met Donald Trump just three months ago, Donald was making his grand entrance in the ballroom of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and I was sitting alone at a table minding my own business. He spotted me, called my name. And watch what he did. He stretches out his hand for a handshake. That — he does that to a guy who savaged him four years ago when he was talking about running for president.

[…] Donald is now bothered by my disbelief that I’ve expressed about how much money NBC paid him as the star of The Apprentice series. And today Donald came up with a better idea than threatening to sue me this time. He challenged me to bet 100 percent of my salary that I am wrong about his NBC income. Now where I come from, no one settled their disagreements with bets because none of us had any money to bet.

So, no, Donald, there won’t be any bet because I would never bet about anything. […] And, I might be wrong. I have never said I know exactly how much Donald Trump made for the entire series. I don’t know. I’ve made semi-educated guesses about it and I don’t really care very much about it. […] I stupidly jumped into talking about it again on Morning Joe today where I, in effect, hijacked a few minutes of the show to talk about this thing that I know doesn’t matter.

[…] I don’t want the prize for the guy who uses the meanest words in the debate. I don’t want to be the angry guy about Donald Trump. Because I’m not. I had been eating up time that should have been devoted to Joe and Mika’s interview with April Ryan, who had just joined the panel to discuss her very important question to President Obama yesterday in the press conference about Bill Cosby.

Now, I am really sorry that I wasted the time that should have been focused on what April Ryan had to say.

Trump appeared a little taken aback.

“So this morning is really a little strange for me, Joe. No, I was going to go after Lawrence big, big league. And I was going to do the challenge and say lots of nasty things about him. But it’s hard to do that now,” he said.

By bringing up such an easily checked thing, Lawrence O’Donnell showed the world that he is not the brightest bulb in the back. Furthermore he once again showed his par for the course bias – and intellectual laziness.

WHY in heaven’s name would anyone running for office lie about something that must be plastered all over the Human Resources Department at the motherlode at NBC?


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