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MSNBC Racist Commentator: Trump Has Tricked White People Into Think He Will Be Their Defender

Michael Eric Dyson is all about pure, leftist, drivel race-baiting. It’s the typical socialist method of operation. Dyson loves talking typical racism talk. Nothing will change with people like him.

Socialist progressives are using democracy against itself, using enough majorities to create a one-party government to rule indefinitely.

Democrats have been working very hard thru decades changing US population.

The influx of refugees and illegal aliens are changing the electoral balance towards democrat voters. The GOP will be voted out, no president and only minority in Congress.

Well, hold on. So it is about race. So when you say, “Hold on, hold on, it’s not about race,” of course, it is, it’s just not about blackness. It’s also about whiteness. And we don’t have a conversation in this country with race and whiteness.

Whiteness is at stake; Donald Trump has, I think, in a beguiling way seduced many working-class white people into believing that he will be their defender when, indeed, he is not.

And on top of that, Hillary Clinton, when we get past the optics and cosmetics, has put forth consistently public policy recommendations that will speak to the vicious undercurrent of racism in this country, but also bring together various constituencies along the continuum of race in this country. I think that’s what’s important.

Honestly, this guy is so looney! I guess he means if you’re white get in the back of the line, don’t dare be proud of your race and admit you have lived with white privileges all of your shameful white life. Better get that race card laminated Dyson because it’s wearing out.

Every time the liberals hate what we say, they go falsely accusing us and trotting out the bed sheets or calling blacks conservatives the coon name. There are Republicans of every race and color these days. They need to open their eyes instead of throwing tantrums.

How can America heal from racism scars when low life pieces of scum like this get on TV and say things like this?

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