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MSNBC’s Touré Neblett: Jobs ‘an ineffective anti-poverty program’

toureneblettIt seems the folks at MSNBC don’t know very much about basic economics. On Tuesday, host Touré Neblett declared on Twitter that having a job is “an ineffective anti-poverty program,” Twitchy reported.

“As opposed to extending unemployment benefits, which has proven to do wonders for our economy,” Twitchy said. Not everyone was impressed with Neblett’s command of economics.


“To call ‘jobs’ an anti poverty program is like sayin (sic) ‘they need more money.’ No kidding they need jobs. Also: many already have jobs plural,” Neblett added in another tweet. Several tried to school the ignorant MSNBC host about the need for jobs and education.


Unfortunately, the mindset and ignorance displayed by Neblett seems to be the prevailing school of thought among a growing number of elected Democrats.

Instead of working to create a climate where entrepreneurs and business owners can thrive, thereby providing jobs with decent pay and benefits, liberals are clinging to a “war on poverty” that has spent more money than the national debt and failed to reduce poverty.

Worse yet, Democrats from President Obama on down now say unemployment benefits create jobs.

“Voting for extending unemployment insurance helps people and creates jobs,” Obama recently said. “Voting against it doesn’t.”

“Democrats routinely claim that government programs must be enacted, sustained and expanded for the sake of economic stimulus,” Guy Benson wrote at Townhall. “They repeat this mantra with religious zeal, which explains why empirical evidence is always subservient to their ideological passions.”

Making the situation worse, Democrats oppose any effort to ensure extended unemployment benefits are paid, something Republicans support. Maybe they, like Neblett, think money simply grows on a tree in Obama’s rose garden, or falls from the sky like manna.

Of course, anyone relying on Neblett for advise on economic policy should seriously consider having their head examined.


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