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Multiple Bomb Threats – F-16s Scrambled 2 Days In A Row

In response online bomb threats, authorities have had to evacuate two commercial airliners in Seattle Washington and diverted an Orlando bound flight to Dallas over what they described as “security concerns”.

Seattle-Tacoma2According to a spokesman from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a Jet Blue flight from Long Beach, California and a regional SkyWest flight from Phoenix were evacuated as a precaution while the aircraft were searched. The aircraft were held in an isolated area while passengers were transported by bus to the terminals. No threats were found. A Delta 737 was diverted to Dallas where authorities searched that plane, and again no threat was found. The flight was then allowed to proceed to Orlando.

Tiffany Litz, a Seattle native who was a passenger on the Jet Blue flight, Tweeted photos taken on the runway where the passengers waited to be bussed to the terminal. According to her Tweets, the aircraft received threatening messages while in the air and that they were told by a flight attendant the threats came from a person who “has been known to do it in the past”. She also stated that they had been tailed by F-16s although passengers were never aware.


All of this comes a day after two Atlanta bound flights were targeted with bomb threats, prompting F-16 fighter escorts for both of those flights. All of the Threats came from social media site Twitter, and the FBI is investigating to determine if the threats are related.


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