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Muslim Enclaves and Sharia Law in America…..It’s Here

America, being a free society, includes many enclaves or small communities of people who band together based on their nationality or religion. That being said, those communities are not formed to integrate their own rule of law or hijack the governing body. In this day and time you would have to live under a rock if you have no basic knowledge of what Sharia Law is or that we, as Americans and Christians, are the enemy by Islāmic Extremists.

Just recently it was reported that there will be a “voluntary” Sharia Law tribunal in Texas. Why would it be allowed or tolerated on United State’s soil? Our Constitution and judicial system should serve as the law of the land for any citizen residing in our borders. Although it will supposedly only be used for minor cases such as divorce, it would be very prudent for whoever is in charge to stomp out this brush fire quick, fast and in a hurry.

With the recent Paris attacks by Islāmic terrorists there has been a lot of talk and discussion about “No-Go” zones in areas of Europe. After a little research one would have to wonder if we already have some form of them on our own soil today. I have compiled a short list of a few that I have found online as well as links for you to do further research. I urge you to read the articles listed below. The information not included in this piece is unbelievable.

1) The Islāmic Center for Human Excellence is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Against strong opposition, the city still approved the plans to build a mosque, school and 22 homes. I was unable to find their official website but they do have a Facebook page.

2) The Gwynn Oak Islamic Community is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Ironically, it is home to the historic Gwynn Oak Amusement Park that was the site of many protests about the “whites-only” policy that it held during the Civil Rights Era. The Amusement park is now just a park and owned by the Baltimore County Government. There is a Mosque and it seems their goal is to purchase as many homes in the area as possible to house Muslim families. It is currently home to about 60 families. This community also has a website and a Facebook page to help finance the building of their community.

3) Holy Islamville is located in York County, South Carolina and is the holiest place in the United States for Muslims housing some sort of shrine. On this 36 acre compound the Clarion Project alleges that there are para-military training and exercises taking place. It is also alarming that they pledge their allegiance to  Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani, the leader of the international terrorist organization Jamaat ul-Fuqra. All of these names get complicated so I’ll make it simple for you. Remember Daniel Pearl, the journalist beheaded several years ago? Angelina Jolie-Pitt starred in a movie depicting his widow. Yeah… Jamaat ul-Fuqra did that.

4) Mahmoudberg is located south of Brazoria County in Texas near the town of Sweeney. In February of 2014 Pamela Geller, a popular blogger, claimed to receive information that members of this commune had secured places in law enforcement. She also described a shooting where EMS and Law Enforcement were hampered from entering the compound. Her claims coincide with declassified FBI documents obtained by The Clarion Project which outline a shooting and local officials were blocked from entering. After finally being allowed to enter the compound, officials reported that women immediately covered their faces and were not allowed to answer questions or speak with male officials. The area is very rural so gunshots are not abnormal, but locals report hearing them from this area often. I doubt it’s from hunting. The declassified FBI reports and local reports conflict as far as the size of the compound and when it started. The FBI says it’s an area of about 10 wooded acres and consists of a few trailers set up in 2001. The locals say that it’s more like 25 acres and they have been there since the late 1980’s.

5) Islamberg is located near the reservoir that supplies drinking water for New York City. According to Freedom Fighters this is the headquarters for Muslims of America who also support the other communities. This compound roughly spans 70 acres. There have been many reports of para-military training and exercises taking place here. It has also been reported that they moved many of these activities to other sites because more of the public was aware or asking questions. Islamberg is the home of the International Quranic Open University where students receive manuals and teachings that their main duty is to wage jihad against enemies of Islam. They also pledge their allegiance to Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani and the property is owned by Jamaat al Fuqra.

So HOW and WHY are these people with these terrorist ties allowed to operate within our borders? It is because this Administration will not declare them terrorist organizations. The local law enforcement is not allowed to do anything because their hands are tied. These are only a few of the communities that I have found. I found some that were shut down. Where did those members go?

Because we have such a diverse society it is only natural for people of the same nationalities and religions to flock together, and thankfully we have the freedom to live and worship as we choose. In this case where non-Muslims seem to have a target on our backs, common sense warrants that we should be more cautious with what we allow on our soil. I strongly urge you to do your own research and read the articles posted below. Do we really know who our neighbors are?



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