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Muslims purchased land in Texas but wasn’t ready for this reaction from the residents

Members of Farmerville, Texas town aren’t too pleased that a few Muslims have decided to purchase a plot of land for the sole purpose of burying their dead. As the Muslims were quick to find out, not all that many people wanted them around and decided to give them a warm dose of southern hospitality.

The Islamic Association of Collin County planned to turn a plot of land into a strictly “Muslims only” cemetery. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t seem that everyone is so keen on the idea.

According to David J. Meeks, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, residents’ main concern is regarding “the radical element of Islam.” He went on to ask that if the graveyard is approved, “How can we stop a mosque or madrassa training center from going in there?”

According to Breitbart, Khalil Abdur-Rashid, a professor who teaches Islam at Southern Methodist University and a spokesperson for the Muslim organization, said:

“There will be no type of religious services at the cemetery. We’re forbidden from saying prayers on a grave or cemetery.”


Resident Troy Gosnell went on to say, “You don’t know whether they were shot, diseased, or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet, throw them in the grave and bury them.”

Now, there is one thing to know here that could shed a bit more light on why the community is so worried about radical Islam. You see, the incident where two armed Muslim extremists tried to massacre a crowd of Americans at the Draw Mohammad contest in Garland, Texas was just a 45 drive from where they’re located. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

Watch this report via CBSDFW

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