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Must be that Serious! Police Allegedly Shoot at Shoplifters on Black Friday near Chicago

Well, there you go. Two shoplifters were chased by police as they tried to leave a Kohl’s store in Romeoville, Ill. Police stated they climbed into a Pontiac while a get-away driver was waiting for them. I am figuring that they had too much stuffing or the mac n cheese didn’t agree with them on yesterday so they had to go out and work some of that discomfort off.

“The cop had got over there — as he attempted to slam the — the door, the cop’s arm got stuck, and the driver attempted to take off. the second cop had come with the gun — was telling him to stop the car ’cause he was dragging the cop around the parking lot. He didn’t stop. The cop shot about four, five times,” says Witness Phil Koster.


Police say the driver was hit by several bullets. The injured officer and the driver were hospitalized with what are described as non life-threatening injuries.

All three shoplifters were arrested.



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