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UPDATE: MUST SEE VIDEO! #CardsForCops honors murdered NYPD officers – Must go viral!

The Truth Urban Thearter Group announced FOUR STATES have begun a #CardsForCops program.


Let’s keep this positive movement going!

Please share the video and help honor those who protect and serve as well as The Truth UTG for making such a positive impact!  Thank You!

Wenjian Liu, one of the two NYPD officers assasinated simply because each wore the uniform, was laid to rest today.

Let us honor the memory of Officers Liu and Ramos by shining light on a group whose mission is ‘to inspire change and instill a positive influence in the lives of youth and adults through the art of theater and spoken word, so that they may achieve their highest potential in all aspects of life’ – The Truth Urban Theater Group.


In response to the  controversy surrounding the recent police shootings and protests gripping the nation, The Truth Urban Theater Group decided to make a positive impact with their #CardsForCops program.

With the #CardsForCops Is The Truth UTG’s Effort In Trying Build Positive Interactions Between Law Enforcement & Civilians. We Would Also Like To Shed Light On The Police Officers Who Do Make A Difference & Better The Lives Of The People They Are Sworn To Protect & Serve. We Can Not Change The Past But We Can Create A New Beginning By Removing Some Of Their Fears, As Well As Ours.

Watch as members of The Truth UTG hand deliver cards to police with positive messages of gratitude written by children and community members.

Not only should this video go viral, the organization and it’s message should go viral as well.

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