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MUST WATCH: Marine who slammed #BlackLivesMatter has powerful interview with Megyn Kelly

Michael Whaley joined Megyn Kelly last night on “the Kelly File,” and I probably wouldn’t be reporting this if he wasn’t on the show, but I digress.

Over the past couple of days, I have learned more and more about this young man and his fight against the #BlackLivesMatter movement and he is totally on point for using his common sense and calling out this fake activism.

Whaley said he doesn’t have much black support because “black people can’t accept the truth about themselves.” He said people shouldn’t be shouting “eff the police,” because if their child gets murdered, it’s the cops in their communities who help them seek justice.

“There’s too much killing that’s going on. And the Black Lives Matter movement only protests when a white officer kills a black person,” Whaley said. “This violence that’s going on has to be stopped. This racism that’s going on has to be stopped, because black people and white people, we’re not enemies,” Whaley said during his interview.

“I’m worried about my kids and your kids and the future. That’s what matters. Their lives matter. All lives matter.”

Check out the video report:

What do you think of this young man’s boldness? Believe me he’s not alone. There are many out there that feel the same way speaking out.

My question is to you is, WILL YOU SPEAK OUT TOO?

H/T – FoxNewsInsider

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