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MUST WATCH: Reaching out to black urban communities

Black urban communities, such as Chicago, are plagued with high unemployment, failing public schools, and crime. Since liberal policies have failed to help the black community, some blacks are questioning the political establishment and are seeking fresh alternatives to reverse the downward social and economic spiral.

Recognizing the growing dissatisfaction with politics as usual, a FreedomWorks outreach program dedicated to help black Americans achieve their personal potential through education, financial literacy, and developing marketable skills, planned an event in Chicago.

About Alyssa Lafage

Alyssa Lafage is a young professional from southern New Jersey and self-described constitutional conservative. In addition to contributing to, Alyssa's writing can be found on CNSNews, PolitiChicks, Right Wing News and Save Jersey. Her activism has landed her appearances on NewsMax TV, One America News, Breitbart News on SiriusXM and other national media outlets.

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