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My 10 Minute Journey To Ferguson

I live in North St. Louis County. I was born and raised there. I grew up and went to high school there. It is home, it will always be my home. I also live 10 minutes away from Ferguson. I thought I was pretty well versed on what was going on. Not from watching, listening, or reading local media, but because I know the sometime unpleasant culture, for lack of a better term, of the people who live here. I was wrong.

FergusonOn Saturday, I took my first trip to Ferguson since the shooting of Michael Brown. I was a little apprehensive. Was I going to be accosted by a band of unruly protesters? Did I have to worry about rocks or anything else being thrown at my car? Being a tad outspoken, would I get into a shouting match with someone who saw things differently than I did?

The answer to all of those questions was a big fat NO. The group Ferguson Response had set up a prayer tent three weeks prior. I never knew it. Again, thank you St. Louis media. As I pulled up, I saw people from several churches and organizations setting up tables for free BBQ, others getting ready for face painting for kids, even a spot where someone would pray with you one on one. They had even thought of me, the token Pagan, with a table for dream interpretation.

People began to find a seat and get ready for the speakers to begin, including local Pastors, plus the Tea Party News Network’s Niger Innis, our very own Wayne Dupree, and Dr. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. As the tent began to fill up, black people and white people sat together. They nodded their heads in unison when Pastors, men and women of God, talked about coming together as one community, healing each other, lifting each other up, and working together to help rebuild their community. They talked, laughed, watched each other’s children.

As I looked around at the people sitting in that tent, I realized that there are more of them than there are thugs and troublemakers that promise “all hell will break loose” if the verdict in the case they desire does not come about. I realized how angry I had been about this entire situation. I realized too that the liberal local media, who give the undesirables the coverage they need to spin their incorrect portrait of Ferguson are no doubt in cahoots with one another in some manner, and they know they are outnumbered. They have to ignore positive uplifting events like the one on Saturday to further their agenda of racism, hatred and division. Under no circumstances do they want the good guys to win.

I even met Michael Brown’s Uncle, Pastor Charles. What a sweet man. I never once saw him not smiling. He told a small group of us that, while he wanted healing for his family, violence was not the way to do it. He talked about how God would see to it that things would be made right in Ferguson. I believe it because he believes it.

I told several of my colleagues that you would not see any coverage of this by the local media. I was right. They left that up to us. Rest assured, we will do the job that other media will not.

Good guys always win.

About Becky Noble

My name is Becky Noble. I am married to Randy. No kids, just a 50lb Border Collie mix who thinks my house is hers! After almost thirty years in the healthcare field, it is time to move on, and do something different. I hope to have a career in politics. Don't know whether that will continue to be writing and hosting "Conservative Cauldron Radio" on WAARadio on Fridays, or perhaps one day running for office. I am excited to pursue a new path!

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