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N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo compared to George Wallace, Hitler

cuomoIt seems N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo angered a number of people when he released his inner fascist, claiming that conservatives who oppose abortion and support the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms are extremists who “have no place” in his home state.

As my colleague Alyssa Krumm wrote yesterday, talk show host Glenn Beck responded with an “epic” open letter to the governor.

“The fundamental basis on which our country was built was on robust free speech. The very first right that the Founders of this nation enshrined in our Bill of Rights was freedom of speech because we created this country to escape the yoke of tyranny,” Beck wrote.

He also discussed the situation Tuesday with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, comparing the New York Democrat to former Alabama Governor George Wallace.  Others weighed in, comparing Cuomo to Hitler and other dictators.

Beck, Mediaite said, told Kelly that Cuomo “sounds a little like the governor of Alabama” when he said Dr. King should “get out of the state.”

“We can’t have a free exchange of ideas because you don’t believe we belong here?” Beck asked.  “Where would the disenfranchised of the world in history be if we didn’t have that pushback?”

Kelly observed that while New York is a blue state, it had a Republican governor before Cuomo came to power.  That governor, she noted, respected minority opinion.

Beck also made a reference to 20th century history, where groups of people decided they couldn’t live next to those with different points of view.

“If we can’t,” he said, “we’ve seen that road in the 20th century over and over again, and it doesn’t end well.”

A post at the American Thinker, however, went further, comparing Cuomo to some of the worst dictators in recent history.

“In just a few days, we have witnessed Governor Cuomo act like an ethnic cleanser and a politically connected producer of a play act like, oh, I don’t know, take your pick — Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Mao, Chavez, the Taliban? Go ahead, leftwingers, tell me I’m a hater because I compared Cuomo and Lopez to some of recent history’s most notorious blacklisters and suppressors of speech. I don’t care. The truth hurts,” Sally Zelikovsky wrote.

Zelikovsky, writing largely about the flap over Maria Conchita Alonso’s removal from a production for supporting a conservative candidate for governor, said Cuomo’s comments are part of a trend on the left to institute a form of “totalitarian thought control,” and said conservatives simply won’t stand for it.

“What’s worse?” she asked. “That this is taking place in America in the 21st century? Or, that this kind of discrimination doesn’t make headlines when left-wingers stomp on the necks of conservatives, only when conservatives supposedly tighten the yoke around the necks of liberals.”

Cuomo’s office backtracked from the governor’s comments, claiming he really didn’t say what he said, adding that conservative criticism of his comments is “false” and “unfair.”

“The Governor has never demonized the opposition to his gun law nor stance on protecting choice nor marriage equality. The Governor is a gun owner and a Catholic. His faith is very important to him and he respects the Second Amendment,” said Cuomo counsel Mylan Denerstein.

“The Governor was making the point that he makes often: New York is a politically moderate state and an extremist agenda is not politically viable statewide. New York has a long history of electing Democrats and Republicans statewide who are moderate rather than on the extreme ends of the political spectrum. That is an inarguable fact,” he added.

But conservatives aren’t buying it.

Beck told Kelly there’s a “hostile takeover” by the radical left in New York, with Cuomo as governor and Bill de Blasio, the newly-elected mayor of New York City.

“It’s a position that’s going to leave him in the dust bin of history,” he told Kelly. “He says he’s talking about politicians, but, OK. If we can’t have politicians who stand up for the Constitution, stand up because they have the point of view that you have the right to life as an unborn child. … Those two, in particular, those are essential for us to argue about and have debate about, especially in politics.”


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