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National GOP Poll shows Rubio in top spot, undeclared Walker in 2nd

A new National Poll from The Economist/YouGov on the 2016 GOP Presidential Race finds Sen. Marco Rubio leading the pack, followed closely by Gov. Scott Walker. Rubio gets 17% support, with Walker at 14%, Mike Huckabee at 11% and Jeb Bush at 10%.

17% – Rubio 04% – Fiorina
14% – Walker 03% – Christie
11% – Huckabee 02% – Santorum
10% – Bush 01% – Perry
09% – Carson 01% – Kasich
08% – Cruz 01% – Jindal
06% – Paul 01% – Graham

Jeb Bush holds a very slim lead in the Average of Polls, with Rubio less than one-point behind. Walker and Huckabee round out the top four right now.

Are you surprised where Huckabee is at this point? How about Rand Paul? Let us know what you think, add your comments below.

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