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NBC Guthrie Copies Kaine’s Interruption Style With Pence; Watch His Smooth Response!

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer tried to bully Governor Mike Pence on Thursday and he handled them as he should have. Enough of getting in to the gutter. I would have said when you start doing your job anon-biased reporters and hold each candidate responsible for their words and actions I will respond in kind. So if it is only Trump you are interested in I am not and we can have a conversation about Americans and what problems they face.

From Newsbusters:

In a hostile interview with Mike Pence on Thursday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie actually interrupted the exchange to play a 26-second clip of a Clinton campaign attack ad ripping the Indiana Governor’s vice presidential debate performance. She then demanded Pence respond to the partisan hit job.

While Guthrie noted that Pence was “getting a lot of credit” for his handling of the debate, she quickly added that “a lot of people have noticed that you spent time denying things that Trump said that he did, in fact, say.” The anchor then dutifully teed up the Clinton campaign’s smear: “As one paper put it, ‘It’s a Clinton attack ad waiting to happen.’ And sure enough, take a look.”

The portion of the ad that followed showed alleged contradictions between Pence’s statements in the debate with past statements from Donald Trump. Following the clip, Guthrie touted: “Governor Pence, that ad actually goes on for more than a minute with a bunch of contradictions.” She then threw him this loaded question: “…even though it worked in the moment, was it the wrong approach to deny statements that you know are on video and on audio, are going to come right back to bite you the next day?”

Pence pushed back: “Oh, I don’t think so at all, Savannah. And the mischaracterizations and the way Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton continue to take Donald Trump’s statements out of context was something I just wasn’t gonna tolerate during the debate.” Guthrie stopped him: “But those are direct quotes, in context.”

Guthrie was showing her partial democratic side this morning, interrupting answers to her questions from Pence as much as Kaine. I guess they weren’t taught social MANNERS where they were growing up. I really have never liked her much anyway, this nailed my opinion.

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Both of these two news hacks are not newsworthy people, don’t you agree? Why haven’t they asked Hillary any questions about the private email server that wasn’t green-lighted by the State Department, or Benghazi, or the Clinton foundation? These people are not role models but Pence is someone you can count on, support and emulate.

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