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NBC Guthrie says Lewinsky/Clinton affair was alleged during Trump interview

If you have watched a few of these interviews of mainstream media interviewing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, some of them look like amateurs. They try to lure Trump into answering gotcha questions but don’t have responses when he turns the question back around on them.

George Stephanopolis is a great example and now Savannah Guthrie. She looked as if she had him throughout the interview until she brought up the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair as alleged. Trump corrected her in a way that she said didn’t even apologize for that huge mistake.

Later in the interview, Guthrie told Trump “You mentioned the Monica Lewinsky issue,” when she was leading to her next question. But if you watch the video, Guthrie brought it up first.

The media is slick in how they are trying to run this man off course but he’s time enough for them.

Check out this interview here:

Can you believe she tried to go there? What was your reaction watching this interview? How do you think Trump handled it? Share your opinions below in the comment section.


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