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Need To Know: Common Core is bad for children and devastating for children with special needs

We are all very aware of how Common Core is illogical and inappropriate for any child. It is a set of standards by which any reasonable person can see that it was designed to eliminate a child’s ability to think logically, create, and be a free thinker.

So, I decided to dig a bit deeper into the effects of Common Core within my own family.10385385_10204192340478490_2551057869282893562_n

In an interview with Darci Morgan, I wanted to find out the real effects of Common Core. Common Core is the factor that is destabilizing all the years of hard work Darci and Mike Morgan are now struggling with daily. Andrue McWilliams is 13 years old and attends school in Vaslia, California. Andrue is my nephew, he is a young man with autism. Andrue lives and thrives with Asperger’s, because of the loving persistence of his mother and father.

Darci is very passionate about the education and the progress of her son Andrue. Now, she has to fight this battle uphill with no real support from the school. “Common Core  is developmentally and educationally inappropriate even for typical developing children, let alone those children on the Autism spectrum. This puts our unique children at a disadvantage.” We all know that those of us with children on the spectrum lack social skills and assertive behaviors to begin with. The teaching methods that are aligned with Common Core are constructive in the philosophy that when the child is given a problem, especially word problems, the child is then asked to construct a solution. Often without prior modeling, using diagrams, or breaking down numbers to hundreds, tens, and ones in order to solve the problem using “mental math”. Then the child must explain their thinking in writing! It is already a difficult learning environment for a child on the Autism spectrum, then to have them jump through hoops just to solve a simple math problem! Adding extra steps causes confusion, frustration, and increases the desire to stop learning! I’ve seen this and dealt with it first hand. I have even had trouble solving the math problems the way they want them solved! And I have a college education!

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Common Core does not allow for “out of the box” thinking. It’s a one size fits all learning path, and we all know that those on the spectrum are NOT one size fits all. We all learn in our own way wither on the spectrum or not. Common Core does not allow for any adjustments to the curriculum. The Common Core curriculum is copyrighted and can not be modified by teachers, parents, or anyone, It can not be adjusted period. The more I learn about Common Core, the more disgusted I become. I become more and more concerned for our son, who has Asperger’s. He thinks outside the box!

He has a certain way of learning! We fought for 3 years just to get the IEP he has for school…and it was a struggle and a fight! We still fight for him, every day! There were, and still are, many nights that I cry tears of frustration! I don’t want my son to give up on learning or on his education and I don’t want my son to give up on being more than anyone thinks he has the ability to become. But, with Common Core, that puts a huge unnecessary road block in front of him. He can not learn the way he needs to learn, because, according to the Common Core Standards, he has to learn the way kids without special needs learn. How is that fair? How is that not leaving a child behind? The Common Core Standard is nothing but a sure plan to fail those with special needs, not to mention those who don’t. Common Core is the dumbing down of America plain and simple!”  To learn more about how you can take action locally on facebook Stop Common Core.

As a Mother, an Aunt and a Grandmother, I feel that we cannot afford to lose another generation to the hive minded mentality progressive left.  Americans have a responsibility to fight for the rights of all children to learn, to be free thinkers, to be able to learn in away that empowers each and every child’s creative genius and beauty that they all can bring to the world. We must stop Common Core and eliminate this path of destruction in America.I believe in every child, will you? 

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