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Netflix, YouTube, Twitter contribute to Black Lives Matter Mayoral candidate

At first, I thought I’m canceling my accounts when I heard of this. Netflix I could care less about as I have Hulu and Amazon, but Twitter and Youtube? I keep up on those!

We need to do more than cancel our accounts; there are too many people use them. Do you have any suggestions? Boycotts work if we can get enough people but then again they don’t work like they did in the 60s when everyone was on board, and nobody walked across the line.

How can these popular companies people use daily get behind a race-baiting, loud mouth, trouble-making punk?


DeRay McKesson has ridden social media influence to the national stage.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Twitter Executive Chairman Omid Kordestani have each donated $6,000 to the Baltimore mayoral campaign of DeRay Mckesson, perhaps the most prominent voice to emerge out of the Black Lives Matter movement. The donations came to light in campaign finance documents which were highlighted by Digital Trends.

Other large contributions came from Stewart Butterfield, founder of Slack, along with smaller donations from celebrities including Rashida Jones and Susan Sarandon. In all, McKesson has raised more than $222,000 from around 5,000 donors nationwide.

Aside from execs’ personal politics, tech company support for McKesson makes sense for two reasons. First, he’s a sterling example of the influence of platforms like Twitter, which benefits from serving as the home of any important national conversations. And second, Silicon Valley has a widely-discussed and continuing diversity problem. Support for minority influencers like McKesson could help shore up those shortcomings, at least from a PR perspective.

This is sickening! It’s bad enough Facebook lets anti-America or death to Israel posts all the time, but God forbid you to say something against Muslims!


Notice how these clowns will throw money at a candidate, but won’t spend a dime or lift a finger actually to solve anyone’s problems. If all the wealthy, and even middle-class, liberals put their money where their mouths are they could solve most all the problems they claim to care so much about. The fact that they do not speaks volumes.

What do you think about this and how should we deal with it? Should we not say anything and let it go or is there something we can do as a large voice of concern to wake up these companies? Share your comments (below) and share this on your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

h/t –, Digital Trends

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