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Netflix’s House Of Cards Is Not Canceled!

A couple of weeks ago, rumors were swirling that Netflix’s House Of Cards was dead. Guess what; it’s alive and well!


Most of us want to know what’s up with Frank and Claire. Will their marriage last? How will a husband/wife team run the White House? Who’s going to die? Who’s going, to be Frank’s nemesis? These questions were left unresolved and learning now the series will continue is a breath of fresh air.

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The show’s creator is gone to fight President-elect Donald Trump seriously, but we will give our support to the new crew so this continues to grow. It’s a really great series if you haven’t watched it on Netflix.

From Inquisitr:

There is no truth to the cancellation rumors. It was announced early last year that Beau Willimon is being replaced by Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese who joined the series in season 3.

While an official air date for House of Cards Season 5 is yet to be announced, fans can expect the series to follow its usually schedule and have an air date sometime in February 2017. Every season, other than season 4 aired in February. With Netflix adding more series to its original lineup, House of Cards Season 5 may come out early in February and mid March 2017.

In Season 4 of House of Cards, Claire is having an affair with Yates and it is possible that Frank gets a companion of his own for comfort and to boost his political career. Fans can also expect Doug Stamper to continue his obsessive behavior and stalk the wife of the man who he essentially killed to save Underwood. Some fans suspect that Frank Underwood may die in House of Cards Season 5. With Clair Underwood securing the vice president position, she can easily plot to get rid of her husband. She also has her very own Doug Stamper in Leann Harvey, who is portrayed by Neve Campbell.

Are you ready for Season 5?

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