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Nevada Democrat Assemblywoman Lucy Flores: Without teenage abortion, my career would have been hindered

While sticking up for Planned Parenthood, a company that helps kill more Americans every year with abortions than guns, cigarettes, and drunk diving accidents COMBINED, Lucy Flores, Democrat Assemblywoman, says that she is not sorry that she had an abortion when she was 16 because the pregnancy may have hindered her career.

“I had six other sisters, all of them became pregnant in their teens – all of them… I wanted to do better and I knew I couldn’t do that if I had a baby”

Lucy Flores, went on to say that all of her six sisters had become pregnant as teenagers as well.  I wonder how many of her sisters ended their baby’s lives through this procedure?

Excerpt from Inside Nevada Politics

A Democratic state legislator in Nevada asserted that she is not sorry she had an abortion when she was 16 years old, implying that delivering the baby would have hindered her career.

Democrat Assemblywoman Lucy Flores from Las Vegas told the Assembly Education Committee:

I had six other sisters, all of them became pregnant in their teens – all of them. One was 14 years old when she got pregnant with twins. That is what I had to learn from. Now in retrospect, if I could go back and be on birth control – or better yet – learn to fill my life with something else, other than having the attention of a man in the non-healthy relationship, I would have preferred to do that, if someone would have talked to me about it. I didn’t want to be like that (teen mom). I wanted to do better and I knew I couldn’t do that if I had a baby, just like everyone else (in my family). My dad gave me the money and I went with a friend of mine (to have the abortion) and I will never forget that, having that done. I don’t regret it. I don’t regret it because I am here (at the Legislature), making a difference, at least in my mind, for the young ladies and letting them know their options. They can do things not to be in the situation I was in, to prevent it.

The pro-life group Life Dynamics reveals Flores has a longstanding relationship with abortion giant Planned Parenthood: “Flores has been endorsed by Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates. According to Planned Parenthood Action, Flores has been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood and took part in Planned Parenthood’s Latino Outreach program in southern Nevada.”


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