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New Arizona Poll – Trump 37.3%, Cruz 23.3.%, Kasich 14.6%; Winner Take All!

This has to be good news for the GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Trump has an ally in Sheriff Joe Arpaio helping get out the word to support the successful businessman from New York.

Donald Trump resonates with blue-collar, hard-working Americans who have seen their lifestyle, their values, their country be torn apart by the liberal agenda and moderate Republicans who just go along with the program.

From AZ Central:

Donald Trump continues to top the Republican field in Arizona ahead of the state’s March 22 presidential preference election, according to a new poll from Phoenix-based MBQF Consulting.

The automated telephonic survey of 751 “high efficacy primary Republican voters,” conducted March 8 includes voters who have already cast early ballots and those who are planning to vote.

Trump, the celebrity billionaire and national GOP front-runner, has 37.3 percent, the poll shows. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is second at 23.3 percent, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 14.6 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida at 11.6 percent.

Another 10.4 percent were unsure or undecided, and 2.8 percent preferred a candidate who wasn’t listed.

The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 3.57 percentage points.

“With early voting already underway in Arizona, Donald Trump leads with both those voters that have already cast ballots as well as among those that are still planning on voting,” pollster Michael Noble said in a written statement released with the poll results.

If things hold up, Trump will win AZ. He won some border counties in TX, where Sen. Ted Cruz had a massive home-field advantage. Immigration is a huge issue in AZ and Trump has sheriff Joe’s support. Trump wins AZ for sure. Cruz will win Utah. He did well with Mormons in Idaho and Nevada and that seems unlikely to change.

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