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New Captain America movie will force you to choose a side! Check out the new trailer – AWESOME!

The first trailer for “Captain American: Civil War,” is here and it’s awesome! The eagerly awaited throwdown between the star-spangled superhero and his Avengers teammate, Iron Man. This action-packed 2-minute clip leaves you wanting more. So many stars appear in this trailer it makes you want the movie to open in theaters on Thanksgiving Day!


Based on the popular 2007 “Civil War” comic book miniseries, the flick centers on a major schism in the superhero community that pits Captain America (Chris Evans) against Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). They find themselves on opposite sides of a government arrest order involving Cap’s former sidekick, the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

And let’s not forget Spiderman will make his debut in this movie as they are rebooting the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

Check out this video!

So the question is…whose side are you on?

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