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New Challenge Asks Americans to Show Their Love for the Stars and Stripes!

This is how free speech works in America folks. Instead of limiting speech for fear of retribution we increase speech to open hearts and minds to all sides. The true definition of being an open minded individual is to listen to all sides with respect and dignity and then make up your own mind based on increased education on the given subject. While many know of the Erick Sheppard challenge to step on the American flag there is another challenge hitting the social media highway asking you to do the opposite. I suppose that those opposed to the flag stomping challenge could just threaten violence to get it to stop, but the American Way would be to counter that challenge with their own. So, meet Bryce Wagoner who lives in Arizona. Bryce wants you to fight speech with more speech, the way it should be done. He simply asks you to fly your American flag. Simple, right? It’s non-violent and the correct way to respond in this exceptional country built by brave people who aren’t afraid to agree to disagree like adults.

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