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New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Targeted On Twitter For This Tweet She’s Never Tweeted!

President Trump’s choice for Education Secretary has come under major scrutiny with a couple of misspellings on Twitter that were not her fault.

As you know a lot of these agency social media accounts are run by staffers who usually get it right but in this particular situation, they got it wrong and the snowflakes of the left pounced on Betsy DeVos.

These malamutes have shown they are going to attack the Trump administration on anything and everything or shall I say, until they get tired. There is no room for the left to accept anything from the Trump administration that is good. Here’s my feelings, Trump needs to continue working hard for America. DeVos needs to continue working toward school choice for American families.

That’s the only way to stop all this crybaby whining and bully attacks.

From Fox News:

Internet trolls on Sunday blamed new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for a typo on the department’s Twitter feed that misspelled the name of a prominent African-American sociologist, but a spokesman said the mistake was made by a longtime employee.

The tweet included a quotation attributed to W.E.B. Du Bois that incorrectly spelled the sociologist’s last name with an “e.”

The mistake immediately drew hundreds of responses mocking the department’s misspelling.

By midday Sunday, the U.S. Education Department had posted a new tweet with the correct spelling and an apology. However, the post drew another round of critics because it included another typo, which was later fixed.

One commenter tweeted: “I love that your initial apology for a typo included a typo. We don’t need any further proof that DeVos runs this account.”

Another post urged further rebuke by urging people to “make this go viral.”

A spokesman for the Education Department said Sunday the misspellings had been made by a longtime department employee. He said a new review process was being put in place with additional staff to prevent future tweet errors.

These bullies will go away soon. We have to be diligent and stay the course.

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