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New High! Trump hits 56 percent nationally

Some said he would never do it. There has been over 57,000 negatives ads against him. The pundits continue to tell you this is a reality show and guess what, they are all wrong.

The GOP front-runner Donald Trump just hit a new high nationally as the GOP primaries start wrapping up. Indiana votes today and according to the polls, Trump is up on Cruz by double-digits and that’s after the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz. Many saw that endorsement as a “dragging his leg” where if you listen or watched it, you would have heard a man praise Trump for 3/4  of the entire speech.

Trump also looks to have raised his poll numbers in remaining states such as Oregon, Nebraska, Washington and California. But this new national high of 56% shouldn’t be overlooked.

From The Hill:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hit a new polling high, getting 56 percent support in a new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday.

Ted Cruz followed with 22 percent, and John Kasich at 14 percent.

Trump rose six points from last month’s edition of the same poll while Cruz dropped four points and Kasich dropped three.

A plurality of Republicans surveyed, 39 percent, said Cruz should stay in the GOP race through the party’s convention in July. Slightly fewer, 36 percent, said he should drop out now while 23 percent said he should drop out next month if he’s running behind at the end of the primary season.

Meanwhile, 58 percent said Kasich should drop out now while another 26 percent said he should stay in the race until Cleveland, and 15 percent said to drop out next month.

What do you think of the new poll numbers? Should Cruz drop out now to unify the party in its fight against Hillary? Share your comments below.

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