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New KY Governor asked to cancel prayer breakfast by Atheist foundation!

The stuff Governors have to deal with!

Newly sworn in Governor Matt Bevin will surely have to pray over his response when he delivers it to this atheist group who wants to stop the state Prayer Breakfast. You would think the group which preaches tolerance would allow others to participate through their free will.

Some people just won’t let others be happy!

From Freedom from Religion Foundation:

Freedom From Religion Foundation is urging Kentucky Gov. Matthew Bevin to cancel a Governor’s Prayer Breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The event is problematic in many ways.

The First Amendment prohibits government sponsorship of religious occasions. Yet, the breakfast and a link to sign up appear on the governor’s webpage, and the state seal is seen on the invitation. Moreover, Bevin sent out an official email on Jan. 29 inviting all state employees for the gathering.

“By sponsoring a Prayer Breakfast, which calls Kentucky citizens to prayer, you abrogate your duty to remain neutral,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor in a Feb. 5 letter to the governor. “This event sends a message that the governor of Kentucky prefers and endorses religion over nonreligion and more specifically the Christian faith.”


To take to further beyond ridiculous, the group wants Governor Bevin to remove anything that resembles “prayer breakfast” from the official Kentucky state website, and issue an apology to state employees who the governor invited to participate.

Governor Bevin’s office had not responded to the FFRF’s letter as of Feb. 11.

What are your thoughts about this request from this group and what should the Governor do about it? Drop your comments to us below.

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