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These new poll numbers show Americans are PISSED off; Obama has failed!

It’s of no surprise that the most “angry” group is the so-called middle class. The people in the middle make up the majority of the country and are the ones always picking up the expense for an ever-expanding, insatiable government.

They are also the same group of people Hillary will continue to exploit. I mean, “help” if given the chance to occupy the White House.

A public survey conducted by Esquire Magazine and NBC News attempted to gauge just how pissed off Americans are with what is going on in this country. Oh, the irony! Those who have perpetuated the problem are ready to report on what they’ve created. None the less, here are some of the highlights:

From the Washington Times:

  • 73% of whites say they get angry at least once a day, as compared with 56% of blacks and 66% of Hispanics
  • 77% of Republicans get angry at least once a day, as compared with 67% of Democrats
  • The least angry household-income brackets: the very rich ($150,000-plus) and the very poor ($15,000 and less)
  • The most angry: the middle of the middle class ($50,000 to $74,999)
  • 54% of Americans say the U.S. was once the most powerful country in the world but isn’t anymore; 41% say it remains the most powerful country
  • 52% say the American Dream does not hold true anymore; 36% say it does hold true, 11% say it never held true
  • 49% say they get angry more often than they did a year ago; 42% say they are angry just as often, 8% say they are angry less often.

It’s also understandable why 52% believe the American Dream does not hold true anymore. The executive branch has usurped unprecedented power under President Obama, spitting out countless regulations and empowering the bureaucracy like nothing we’ve seen before. Heck, you can’t buy a light bulb or a toilette without a stamp of approval from the federal government. The Supreme Court is more interested in popular opinion rather than constitutional outcomes, evidenced by multiple controversial decisions aimed at appeasing various groups. And Congress.. they are the most despicable. While having the largest Republican majority in recent history, Congress has become nothing more than a shill for big business, lobbyists and special interests – – including the interests of the Obama administration.

This survey served one purpose: to simplify, marginalize and dismiss the feelings of the American people. It’s not news that Americans are angry. There is good reason to be angry. Our country has been on the highway to hell for years, and this administration has kept its foot on the gas, heading in the wrong direction, while most Republicans in Washington D.C. sat in the back seat enjoying the ride.

What do you think about this polling? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

h/t – Washington Times

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