New Republican leadership? You betcha!

Although I was unable to attend, I have spent the last week reflecting upon what happened at the Republican Leadership Conference 2014 (RLC2014) in New Orleans. I felt like I was there with the great coverage the team did both on Facebook and Twitter.

The Republican establishment’s non-existence at the RLC2014 could be a good thing. For many years the Republican Party has been split. We have the far right wingers, the Christian right, the moderates, the Republican establishment and the Tea Party.

Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin, Dinesh D’Souza, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Col. Allen West, Rick Santorun, Bobby Jindal, and even Donald Trump made appearances at RLC2014 just to name a few.  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and many other establishment Republicans were non-existent. Obviously this is a sign of the future and we are seeing the new leaders emerge in the Republican party.

I hate to say this, but all of us can remember back in 2008 when Hillary and B’Rock fought each other till the end of the Democratic primary. After the primary what happened? The Democrats all stuck together and what did they do? They all went out in November and supported B’Rock eventually putting him in office.

In 2012, the Republican primary was over fairly early that year but what happened afterwards?  The conservatives said I’m not going to vote for a moderate. The Tea Partiers didn’t like him because he wasn’t conservative enough. The Christian Right said he was a Mormon, and the moderates were probably okay with him. So what eventually happened? Three million voters stayed home compared to the  2008 election and we now have B’Rock for another 4 years!

We have to understand that we have a two-party system when it comes to our executive office. If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate that is chosen in the primary, you are voting to put the democrat in office. It is just that simple!

As Republicans, Step 1: We need to unite in 2014 and sweep the House of Representatives along with taking control of the Senate- #Republicansunite2014.  Step 2: After we conquer 2014, we need to start working towards uniting on the presidential front so we can put a Republican back in the White House in 2016 and continue to hold majorities in Congress- #Republicansunite2016.

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