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New Reuters/Ipsos Poll says Trump supporters will not support GOP if BLOCKED from nomination!

Startling poll results confirm what we’ve seen over the past couple of months. Sen. Ted Cruz followers won’t support Donald Trump as they have created a #NeverTrump movement. Trump supporters won’t vote for Cruz as they see him as a LIAR and stealing bits and pieces of Trump’s ideas.

It’s sad to say we’ve come to this but we are here, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon. These new poll numbers are something to sit back and say “Whoa, what are we doing here?”


From The Hill:

One-third of Republicans Trump supporters said they would not support the party in the general election if the businessman is blocked from the nomination. They said they would instead vote Democrat, vote third-party or sit out the election.

Sixty-six percent said they would support the GOP’s nominee anyway.

A contested convention could hurt the GOP in November no matter what, the poll found. Fifty-eight percent of Trump supporters said they would stay with the party, while 16 percent would leave and 26 percent said they didn’t know.

The poll surveyed 468 Republican Trump supporters and has a margin of error of 5.3 percentage points.

This takes me back to a couple of weeks before Andrew Breitbart died. Many out there will pull up quotes saying Breitbart would have never supported Trump as a nominee based on a statement he said a few years before this video. The fact is Breitbart was for our party period no matter who was the nominee, and he said it without strings.

“I will march behind whoever our candidate is because if we don’t we lose”

What are your thoughts about the new poll? The poll questioned Trump supporters but do you find blame in the Cruz followers also? Share your opinions (below) and let me know what think. This could tip the scales for Democrats to win the White House and that would be the end of the GOP.

h/t – The Hill

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