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New Sex World Order! Bruce Jenner, Love for men, War on women, Islam and Liberalism

Reeling from the redefinition of marriage, Bruce Jenner announces the new Normal of transgender acceptance. This is a bit strange because many of us have dealt in eccentrics before. So why do we need to be told we were not accepting and that now we need to be? This has to do with a rising culture of submission.


For example, no longer were pre-war Germans content in being admired as a beautiful culture with beautiful men and women with blue eyes and blond hair, but it was to become a new international normal imposed on the world. Someone, like Hitler, judged it was good for the world to be so, and socialism is like that. It talks of social justice and redistribution of sex and genders so as to take ownership of people’s lives. No one is free to invest into a business, but instead a judge is going to rise and make claims about unfairness, and, as a result, take ownership and control those businesses which are not his. Those dreaming of a world government always emphasis income inequalities and social justice because it precisely gives them a reason to gain control and property over things they did not build.


The same that goes on with Hitler’s race socialism or Obama’s business socialism, it goes for sexuality social justice. That too the socialists need to take control to forge their vision of a world government taking ownership of everything. They also want to make sure Obamacare will make it fair for men to get boob jobs just as wounded veterans are waiting for prosthesis.

No less than Mother Jones is promoting this military function and prostitution loophole in Iranian Islamic codes (Minute Marriage), thus Sigheh:

“The interior minister said at a clerical conference in Qom in 2007. “Islam is in no way indifferent to the needs of a 15-year-old youth in whom God has placed the sex drive.” Yet the Iranian mullahs’ efforts to rehabilitate sigheh have met a stubborn core of resistance—particularly from feminists, who decry the practice as a kind of “Islamic prostitution.” Which is it—an empowering possibility for women, or a back door to exploitation? How Iranians answer that question provides a glimpse into the surprisingly fluid attitudes toward the authority of the clerics who back President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “

So, tell us if you are ready to endure and submit instead of freely developing your sexuality under the New Sex World Order demanded by liberals.

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