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New video emerges showing better angle of student classroom takedown

While this video is clearer of the incident that has gone viral, the force being shown is not excusable.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 6.02.24 PM

I am sure, 100% positively sure the young lady resisted getting out of her seat at the request of the school officer. I am also sure #BlackLivesMatter will see this as another attack from a white cop against a black youth, as the facts are still sketchy about what has gone on.

Strange to not hear any of the students speak out just yet. Some are probably getting lawyered up or ready to appear on Fox News or MSNBC to expand on the different angles of the takedown. There will be experts and experts on top of them trying to get you these individuals state of mind. There will be crisis counselors added in the mix too.

But the truth will probably be somewhere in the middle. The student refused to get out her seat and security officer used force to get it done.

Watch the new video:

If you can’t view the Twitter embedded video, try clicking here.

This new video (6:13pm ET) also shows student striking the law officer

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