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New Video Police Shooting of Alton Sterling Surfaces – I Can’t Believe This!

This is not good, this is not good at all. I really don’t want to engage this except to make a few points.

I am sure the cops are going to say he was reaching for his gun. And it is hard to tell whether he was, or not, by the videos I have seen. But what I don’t understand is why did it get to the point that he was being combative with the cops? You NEVER escalate any situation with the cops or you may end up a dead man. And what does it matter at this point if he was right or not? He’s dead. Did he save his honor by resisting what he believed to be a false arrest? Was he a real man to stand up for his rights? That is why we have courts.

I am very sympathetic to the situation and to him. I hate abuse of power and I post stuff about it all the time on my Facebook. But there is a huge difference between what is right and wrong, vs acting in wisdom or foolishness. He may be 100 percent right, but acted as a fool. The cops can be guilty as sin–and from the looks of things, they probably are–but the man is still dead. That isn’t going to get his life back.

I can’t see how he can be considered a threat when one officer has him “pinned” by his ankles, while the other officer is pinning his upper torso pinned down. That’s where I break with everyone blaming that he owed child support as a reason to shoot him. That’s ridiculous!

From CBS News:

Disturbing new video has surfaced in the police killing of a black man who authorities say had a gun when he was shot on the pavement outside a convenience store.

The shooting death of Alton Sterling is being investigated by federal authorities.

Sterling, 37, was confronted by police and shot on Tuesday after an anonymous caller said he had threatened someone with a gun outside the store, where he was selling homemade CDs, authorities said.

In the video, filmed by store owner Abdullah Muflahi, officers are seen pinning Sterling to the ground. Officers can be heard saying “You [expletive] move, I swear to God,” and shouting, “Gun!” before shots ring out.

Sterling can be seen bleeding from the chest on the ground.

Muflahi told CBS Baton Rouge affiliate WAFB-TV the first officer used a Taser on Sterling and the second officer tackled him. Muflahi said that, as Sterling fought to get the officer off him, the first officer shot him “four to six times.”

The owner said Sterling didn’t have a gun in his hand at the time but he saw officers remove a gun from Sterling’s pocket after the shooting.

Here is the news report:

That is my 2¢ and I don’t want any of my cop friends telling me the cops were right here. I blame their training which makes them see too many situations are potential lethal threats and justifiable shooting in too many instances.

These cops will probably be found justified and THAT is why the system is wrong. The “rules of engagement” need to CHANGE. It’s not really a racial thing (generally). It’s police training seeing people as enemies rather than police seeing themselves as public servants protecting people’s civil rights. They have it backwards.

I might get roasted for saying this: But I sometimes wonder why people can’t cooperate with the police officers. These things don’t need to happen like this. I feel so bad watching what happened to Alton in that video and if I was there I would have told him to “please dude stop and fight it out in the court system.”

What are your thoughts?

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