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New York Times: Obama Helped Arm Syrian “Rebels” Who Beheaded James Foley

A little flashback.

In October 2012, the New York Times reported that most weapons going to rebels in Syria were ending up in the hands of radical Islamists. President Obama was directly involved in the decision making process on who to arm. In September 2013, Obama went even further, waiving a ban on arming terrorists so he could send weapons to “rebel” groups that were opposing Syrian president Bashar Assad. Even mainstream media was all over this one back then. They pointed out the obvious ties the rebels had to al Qaeda. Apparently Obama wasn’t paying attention.

Now, the rebel group Obama helped arm (also know as the Islamic State in Syria, aka ISIS) has beheaded American citizen James Foley. Foley was a freelance journalist who covered several war zones including Syria and Libya. The terror group known as ISIS also has journalist Steven Sotloff in their custody. They’ve threatened to kill him next.

Is this a case of “with friends like this, who needs enemies,” or is President Obama so enamored with Islam that he would outright arm the most dangerous terrorist group in the world?

I honestly have no idea what his intentions are anymore. Whatever they are, they can’t be good for America as now even our own are being beheaded by those the President is helping to arm.

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