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Newly Elected Seattle Socialist Calls For Mass Protest On Inauguration Day

I’m amazed at the intolerant nastiness people are showing towards each other due to this election. For whatever reason they feel they have, it will never be reason enough. Intolerance goes against every fiber of what we as Americans are supposed to be.

Maybe some need to take a look back at just how we became the country we are. Think about how many hundreds of thousands of lives were lost for your freedom of speech and your right to vote. Your equal rights, and your right to choose your own religion. Your God given right to be whoever you choose to be, and be WITH whoever you choose to marry. Your freedom to live openly in this “melting pot” and yet you choose to spew hate towards each other because of an election?!

This election wasn’t nearly as scary as how Un-American some have become because of it.

Now this Marxist/Socialist who has been elected to the Seattle City Council is publicly calling for mass protests on inauguration day. Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s Seattle.

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From WND:

A self-avowed Marxist member of the Seattle City Council who is part of the George Soros-funded Occupy Wall Street movement has called for a “massive protest” against President-elect Donald Trump and a “nationwide shut down” on Inauguration Day.

Kshama Sawant went on an anti-Trump rant following the election that stirred up progressives’ emotions against Trump voters, calling them part of “a racist agenda.”

Sawant held a press conference calling for a mass protest in Seattle. That protest was attended by students, members of Seattle’s LGBTQ community, as well as Occupy members and Muslims.

One woman took the podium in a hijab and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade.

“I am told, ‘do not wear the hijab or you will be targeted.’ I say F— you!” she screamed into a megaphone.

The councilwoman, Sawant, who was born in India and became the first socialist to win a city-wide election in Seattle since Anna Louise Strong was elected to the school board in 1916, said America cannot accept Trump and his “racist agenda” so he must be stopped

The country has spoken, and chose to elect a non-politician over a life long politician for President. This election has nothing to do with age, class, gender, nor race. It’s more about the fact that 1/2 of people in our country don’t feel they’ve been represented over the last couple decades, and a change needs to take place. This election is about equal rights for all, and no longer just some.

Here is a more in-depth interview of the socialist calling for mass protests:

This is an example of the elitist agenda of the far left that has zero tolerance for anyone who does not walk in lockstep. We the people of the United States of America went to the polls and cast our votes for the person we felt would best represent our concerns. The people who voted for Trump/Pence won. Responsible citizens accept the results of the vote and should work together for the benefit of our country.

Talk about people who are supposed to be wanting equality and love one another they are really showing some hate! Actions speak louder than words and their actions are disrespectful and unloving! Which is the opposite of what they claim to be!

This woman really needs to be relieved of her duties, very poor example of a politician and leadership.

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