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Newsmax CEO Puts ABC News’ Stephanopoulos In His Place After Bias Introduction!

I would never ask ABC News George Stephanopoulos to introduce me after this loaded negative bias beginning. But what happened next was superb!

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax and friend of President Donald Trump fought back against Stephanopoulos to begin the interview segment and held his own for the rest of the duration.

“I want to make clear I don’t speak for the president. I run Newsmax. I’m an independent news agency. But I do think the press has been very unfair. Even the setup for this segment of me coming on,”

“Look, there was a recent poll that showed 54% of Americans believe that the press is too aggressive in their attacks on the president. We’ve never had a situation where the press is basically been part of an opposition political party.”

Ruddy was also correct that there has been no investigation into the wiretapping/surveillance of Pres. Trump and the media continue to go off spotty reports from individuals that do not have the full story as of yet.

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The media didn’t even report how the DOJ submitted their wiretapping findings to the House investigation committee on Friday.

Do you think Ruddy put Stephanopoulos in his place during this video? Share your opinions below in our comment section.

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