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Newsninja2012: Breakdown of CPAC2013 Day Two

“They are the party of shared hardship, we are the party of equal opportunity.” —  Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan joined CPAC 2013 on the second day and it was good.

One thing i will say is that all the speeches that i have listened to so far there have been specifics,not generalizations like the left does. Ryan is right about government being to big. For example it used to be a family of four could have the husband work,the wife stay home to take care of the kids and they could be comfortable. Today it take both parents to work and barely get by unless you make big bucks. WE ALL PAY TO MUCH IN TAXES for everything. This country needs to get back to the basics were it’s the people first. Think about which one the children of America and future generations deserve.

Great speech, Paul!!!!


Bobby Jindal is the real deal.  Louisiana is blessed to have him as it’s governor.  After years of disasters, like Blanco and our biggest prize, Edwards, he has made enormous progress in bringing in jobs and prosperity.  If you’re interested in working, the work is there.  Just sitting there and listening to him is like a slap in the face to the selfish oafs like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and John Edwards. Great points and ideas.  Thank you Bobby.

Wayne LaPierre came to the stage yesterday and brought forth a message that he has been trying to get out all over the nation. The crowd here at the Gaylord Hotel on the National Harbor received his message with thunderous applause. They understood what he was saying….they got it. LaPierre delivered his speech like an old baptist preacher from the south that knew what his convictions were all about and wanted you to feel what he felt. The conference attendees received it and by the time the speech was over Wayne got  a standing ovation. The problem that I see is that his message is being deconstructed by national media who do not want the left, low information voters to understand the need for home defense. I enjoyed the speech.


Santorum invoked Ronald Reagan’s famous description of the party as a three-legged stool dependent on strong economic, foreign policy and social conservatism.

“It’s not just the third leg of a stool, ladies and gentlemen, the moral issues, the cultural issues, the social issues, they’re the fabric the stool is made from… Those are the issues that matter. Those are the issues that bind us together, and those are the issues that we cannot retreat on,” Santorum said before the large crowd.

All of these speakers plus more did another great job yesterday on Day 2 of CPAC.





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