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Nigel Farage: We Got Obama-Brexit Bounce Because He Threatened Our Voters — Good Job Prez!

The cat’s out of the bag, and it looks like Barack Obama played a huge part in #Brexit passing and liberating the UK from the European Union.

Yes, had he not angered so many UK voters with his “back of the line (queue)” crack if they left, the outcome might have been different.

Once again this narcissist wannabe king of the world was rebuked in Great Britain with his insults and threats if Great Britain left the European Union. This guy is delusional! Of course once again our mainstream media completely ignores this embarrassment to America.

I just thought everyone knew that Obama can’t make a point without insulting someone. Who cares what he says? Certainly not Congress.

From The Hill:

Nigel Farage on Friday said Obama’s calls for the United Kingdom to stay in the EU caused people to vote to leave.

“Threatening people too much insults their intelligence,” the United Kingdom Independence Party head said.“A lot of people in Britain said, ‘How dare the American president come here and tell us what to do?’ ” Farage continued on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Daily,” citing Obama’s U.K. trip in April.

“It backfired. We got an Obama-Brexit bounce because people do not want foreign leaders telling them how to think and vote.”

Obama warned Britain against leaving the EU during a visit in April, saying it could hurt potential trade deals with the U.S.

“The U.K. is going to be in the back of the queue,” he said during an appearance alongside Cameron.

This is what happens when bureaucrats and politicians decide and tell citizens what is best for them. You who Ignore a significant portion of voters do so at your peril. Obama’s threat to the Brits that he would retaliate(end of the line in trade deals)if they voted to exit was counterproductive. He lost two big ones yesterday: This and the Supreme Court about immigration!

Obama doesn’t understand American history. I guess it’s easy to see why when you study American history in Indonesia and mentored by a communist.

Obama is an embarrassment. I hope our allies will forgive us.

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