NJ Gov. Chris Christie received with surprisingly positive response at #RTM2014

Chris Christie’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Friday emphasized his position on a few important issues. He touched on his support for treatment for nonviolent drug offenders instead of incarceration, support for school choice as well as his pro-life view on the issue of abortion.

“I believe if you are pro-life, as I am, you need to be pro-life for the whole life,” Christie said, referring to his stance on the war on drugs.

Christie also took aim at Democrats on abortion calling them less tolerant than the GOP, pointing to Republicans with pro-choice views that still have a voice within the party.

The speech concluded with criticism of Obama’s foreign policy. Christie blamed the current international unrest on the president’s failure to draw firm lines between America’s ally and adversaries. 

Overall his speech was well received, more so than I had expected. Take a listen:

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