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No! No! No! – More Black Church Leaders say Gay Marriage “Not a civil rights issue”

More Black Pastors Are beginning to speak out against the comparison between Homosexual Marriage and the Civil Rights Platform

The Daily Caller visited a meeting held by the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches. Michelle Fields of the Daily Caller interviewed various pastors/spiritual leaders and the stories were nearly the same and pointed.

You can see the disdain and anger in some of the leaders on the issue. Some black pastors feel that the homosexual community has taken the Civil Rights Movement and hijacked it stating it was the same thing. One pastor from a previous story stated:

I was in the Civil Rights Movement and I can tell you I did not march one inch, one foot, one yard, one mile for same-sex marriage”

Bishop Felton Smith is on the Board of Bishops with the Church of God In Christ, ”We’re not here as haters and bashers of the gay community. We’re just here to say your contentions are not legitimate.” Most that were alive during the civil rights struggle and marched for freedom, saw friends that were killed for freedom have a valid point in this debate. You can see how some would be angry at the seemingly hijacking of the issue.

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