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No war on Christians? Virginia judge rules supervisors’ prayers remain unconstitutional

I had a run in with sometime media standby Montel Williams last week on the whether or not Christianity was under attack in America. I don’t mind the debate actually because there are so many examples of this running rampant across America but this is the latest case and it’s totally outrageous, but to be told the Christian faith is not being targeted is just not true.

Here’s one of the tweets I screenshot from Williams twitter timeline:
Montel Williams
Last month in Virginia, U.S. District Court Judge Michael F. Urbanski ruled that the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors’ prior practice of reciting Christian prayers remains unconstitutional.

Barbara Hudson, a local resident, filed a lawsuit in 2011 claiming the board members were violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution by favoring a specific religion. ACLU of Virginia legal director Rebecca Glenberg, who represented Hudson, said in a statement:

“This opinion affirms that the First Amendment does not allow government officials to impose their religious beliefs on those who attend public meetings. Since our initial victory in this case over two years ago, the Board has been opening its meetings with a moment of silence, which allows everyone to pray or not pray as they choose. We hope that the Board will now stop fighting for the right to compose official government prayers for everyone at the meeting.”

This is a very touchy subject and a fine line to walk. Let us not forget that the Supreme Court and Congress have a history of opening with prayer as well. The legal perspective that should be addressed is “Is the Board proselytizing or merely exercising a 1st Amendment right?”

If that isn’t the nail in the coffin, this is. According to Raw Story, The county now owes the ACLU $74,091.46 in attorney’s fees.

In my opinion, this is religious discrimination against an area that is predominantly Christian. The ACLU and Ms. Hudson are using the court to force their own religious views upon the citizenry of PittsCo. They are doing the EXACT same thing they accuse the Board of Supervisors of doing. Their hypocrisy is like the wail of the banshee and no one seems to hear or pay attention to it.

Urbanski is looking at this case under a personal, and not legal, perspective.

What do you think of this decision? Add your comments below and let us know how you feel.

H/T – Raw Story

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