Not Enough Time for Real News! Liberal MSNBC devotes 1.5 minutes toward Gosnell Baby Killing Discussion

Think of NBC Host David Gregory and “Meet The Press” as being more comfortable speaking about “A Basketball Full Court Press Defense” of a gay player than “A Child’s Right of Life Defense.”

Everybody has a mother and father, yet liberals seem to think that you can just pretend that male and female are not absolutes that matter. Celebrating this situation is so totally warped and such an indictment on this generation we live in and the destructive values liberals proliferate. Up is down, down is up. btw, what Joy claims is simply an attempt at deflection. The simple truth is that PP’s main ‘service’ is abortion and trying to minimize this fact effectively means that Joy is basically admitting that abortion is wrong. If abortion was no problem, why try to play down abortion services at all?

This ‘historic’ gay ‘player’ is sure getting a lot more playing time in the media than he ever got in the NBA……………….

Well, if they can get enough homosexual couples, then the issue of abortion will just go away. This must be their plan to end it. No one will be getting pregnant if everyone has sex with someone of the same gender. So this is more forward thinking on their part… or maybe that is just my backwood wayard thinking huh?



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